Painted Denim

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I know, it sounds insane and overused, but literally anything is possible. It doesn’t matter what you studied in college, it doesn’t matter if you went to college, it doesn’t matter what you used to do, it doesn’t matter what you used to be passionate about. All that matters in finding a job in the field you are passionate about is your confidence, your self-worth and your ability to connect with people. If you love it enough, you will CRAVE learning about it from those wiser than you. If you are wanting to switch jobs or industries, you gotta call, text, email or grab coffee with EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU KNOW IN THAT INDUSTRY. The more people you ask, the more people you will meet. The more you talk about what you want to do, the more people will know and will offer referrals and connections. If you are passionate enough about what you love, you will WANT to teach yourself about it on your free time. What’s your dream industry? Are you already in it? Do you need help? If you do, you might need a Confidence Stylist. SO EMAIL OR DM ME QUEEN! 

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