My Story

The first passion I remember throwing myself into was playing dress up. My energy was focused on putting on crowns, plastic pearls, Dorothy dresses (from the Wizard of Oz), and sparkly pink and purple heels with a big heart on the vamp of it (the top of the shoe). I would walk up and down the long hallway of the house doing fashion shows with outfit changes and blasting music in the background.

One of my favorite things in life is combining passions. In Middle School & High School, I got super into dance, yoga, swimming and spinning. In college, I ended up majoring in Dance and minoring in Business. I thought I wanted to be a professional contemporary dancer with a bunch of different side hustles. I loved dance, fitness, really resonated with my Jewish identity, photography and fashion, so in college, I choreographed dance performances that were about my other passions and I was styling the costumes for the performances. I was combining passions. And it was magical.



I have always believed everything happens for a reason. It’s cool to look into your past and trace back the steps on how and why you got to where you are on your journey. As a Dance Major, I performed dances about my passions for fashion, feminism, politics, natural beauty, self-love and my Jewish heritage and connection to Israel. I have traveled to Israel many times, I lived there for a bit and grew up learning about the country and Jewish history in Jewish Day School up until college. As a Dance Major, I performed a dance about Israel’s history and my Jewish culture and was harshly shamed and alienated by my professors for creating a piece of art about a “touchy topic”. The unfortunate and isolating judgement came from a lack of knowledge and pushed me away from a non-accepting community and in the direction of a more accepting one. I soon after graduated college and worked for a Pro-Israel non-profit organization doing sales and development. At the non-profit, I took part in an intensive 4 week sales training in Washington, D.C., where I learned skills in sales, politics, relationship building, speaking, and self-confidence. I still utilize these skills every single day – both at work in the fashion industry AND in my personal life (especially the invaluable sales & relationship building skills i learned)!

Throughout this time, I started to educate myself more and more on the importance of using 100% natural products in and on by body. This passion has since grown dramatically. I share my knowledge with my clients and my loved ones. My deepest wish is for each of us to feel our absolute best. No chemicals, no toxins, just pure ingredients. I cannot express how essential it is for each of us to start using 100% natural makeup, cosmetics, hair products, cleaning products and foods. In conjunction with my style expertise, I will always incorporate the importance of utilizing all natural beauty products with my clients as well. 


Back to my story... I used the skills I learned at the non-profit to educate myself, to ask lots of questions and to meet the right people in the industry I always dreamed of working in. I grabbed coffee with people, I called strangers on the phone, I asked people smarter than me to connect me with other people more experienced than me, I brushed up on my sales skills, I built up my portfolio with a side-jobs, I hustled and I got a full-time job in the Fashion Industry WITHOUT ANY PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE! I feel so blessed to be finally working in the industry of my dreams. I worked hard for it and continue to do so, but who knows where my next steps will take me?!

So that's how I did it, how I manifested and worked my ass off to get into the industry I've always dreamed of working in - combining my sales skills with my creativity. I swear it's all because of confidence. Because I dress myself to the tens, I believe in myself, I hold my head high, I manifest and I create.You just gotta go for it! But I'm not even close to being done, and nothing is perfect. I have so many years left, so much left to learn, so many places to go, so many people to meet, and so much time to grow... and I can't wait!