Be You

I am ALL ABOUT pursuing your passions. I wrote “passions” in the plural on purpose because I whole-heartedly believe in combining passions. If we put every ounce of our effort into a single passion, we are typically not completely and utterly fulfilled. I can proudly say that I have pursued almost every single one of my passions thus far. Even though they seem like they are completely different, they are each interconnected and led me to the next step in my journey. Not to say that that journey has stopped, trust me, I know I’m still only 24 and have a lot more craziness coming for me, but I was a dancer, then a political activist, I am a yogi, an avid meditator, a swimmer and of course, a fashionista!! Even though I have a full-time job in the fashion industry and spend the majority of my time learning, growing and creating in it, I am a combination of all of my passions.